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Elsinore - Kronborg, culture and maritime history

Helsingør, or Elsinore, is world-famous for Kronborg Castle, Shakespeare’s Hamlet and the Sound Dues, which formed the foundation of the city’s prosperity for more than 400 years.

More recently, Helsingør Shipyard served as the focal point of the city. Today it has been rebuilt as Kulturværftet (the Culture Yard), a dynamic cultural centre with concerts, theatre, festivals, the main library and a maritime museum.

In Helsingør Harbour you will find the architecturally fascinating Maritime Museum of Denmark. The harbour connects the old Renaissance castle with the heart of Helsingør, where well-preserved historic houses with quaint backyards are situated alongside an array of shops, cafés and restaurants.


Murmalerier & monumenter

Gå på jagt gennem byen og se de spændende murmalerier, der alle fortæller deres historie om byen. Flere steder rundt omkring står monumenter og skulpturer og med hver deres historie.

Gallerier & kunsthåndværk

Helsingør er sprængfyldt med små og store gallerier og kunsthåndværkere. Alt fra moderne møbeldesign til små hyggelige gallerier

For børn

Elsinore by boat

Maritime transport is part of Helsingør’s DNA. You can take the car ferry with ForSea across the Sound to Helsingborg, or the Sundbussen, which carries pedestrians and cycling passengers. If you are sailing in your own boat, you’ll find excellent facilities here.

Practical information

Here you will find useful information for planning and use during your vacation.

Find opening hours at the tourist information, plan your holiday, see the map of the city, how to get around by public transport, read the large holiday magazine for North Sealand, and where to rent a bike? Get answers to this and more here.