Espergærde havn

Espergærde -Harbour and beach by the Sound

Photo: Tine Uffelmann

Espergærde was originally a fishing village on the Øresund coast just south of Helsingør. The town boasts an appealing marina and beach and offers access to beautiful forests and nature.

If you drive along Strandvejen from Helsingør towards Copenhagen, you come to the former fishing village of Espergærde. Over the last 150 years, Espergærde has developed from a small, quiet fishing village to a district in the larger urban area of Espergærde-Snekkersten-Helsingør.

Along Strandvejen and at the marina, you can still get a sense of the old fishing village. In the nineteenth century, the coast near Espergærde became a favourite destination for urban holidaymakers, and several hotels were erected around the turn of the century.

Flynderupgård Museum enjoys a stunning location nestled between Egebæksvang Forest and cultivated fields. The museum focuses on the history of the local fishermen and farmers and is well worth a visit. Adjacent to the museum is a historic farm and the commemorative Spisestuen (The Dining Room), where the food is prepared according to historical recipes.

Espergærde has excellent shopping options including Espergærde Centre, which offers 39 specialty shops and 3 large supermarkets as well as free parking. Espergærde is a station on the Kystbanen (Coast Line) between Copenhagen and Helsingør, and from Mørdrup station there is also a train connection to Hillerød via the Local Railway.



Beach & harbour

Savour life in idyllic Espergærde harbour or enjoy a refreshing sea dip from the beach.

Espergærde Harbour

Fine nature - fine beach - and a lovely forest nearby. Originally a small fishing village from 1880, now a nice cosy harbour. Neighbour to 500m of sandy beach with clean bathing water. A rich selection of eateries just above the harbour, 1 km to the Espergærde Center with over 50 shops....

Espergærde Beach

Espergaerde beach lies just south of the Espergaerde harbour. The sandy beach is of good quality and staffed with lifeguard post from mid-June to mid-August. Here are often sheltered when the wind blows on the North Coast beaches.

Restaurants & Cafés

What are you in the mood for? A little something tasty at a café or a really good dinner? Find both cosy cafés and great restaurants here.

Café Divino in Espergærde

Italian restaurant, café and wine bar in the heart of Espergærde.

Divina Pizza & Birra

Genuine Italian pizzeria near Espergærde harbour Divina Pizza & Birra, which is owned by Café Divino, is a pizzeria and bar that makes 100% Italian...

Bolettes Gæstebud

In the old house Bakkehuset between Humlebæk Harbour and the art museum Louisiana you will find restaurant Bolettes Gæstebud . Here delicious dishes ...

Gamle Humlebæk Inn

A charming old road inn, serving homemade Danish food and open sandwiches in a cosy 18th-century environment. Outdoor service on the terrace with wond...

Sights & attractions

What would you like to see and discover? Find the nearest sights and attractions here.

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is a leading international art museum and an absolute top attraction in Denmark. Art, nature and architecture combine in a total experience that attracts guests from all over the world year-round.

Flynderupgård Museum

The Flynderupgaard Museum is located in a large manor style country house from the early 19th century. The lives of farmers and fishermen Changi...

Egebæksvang Church

Egebæksvang Church was designed by architect Ludvig Knudsen and was inaugurated in 1897, but has been restored several times since. The artists Joakim...

Mørdrup Church

Mørdrup Church is located at the Espergærde Center.  Church and Center are designed by the same architect, Per Christiansen, and have a common char...

Aarstidernes Farm Shop

Farm shop "Aarstiderne" at Krogerup Avlsgaard in Humlebæk Here you will find a selection of fresh fruit and vegetables. The farm shop also offers ...


The surrounding area of Espergærde is home to a lovely small hotel, Villa Brinkly, bed and breakfasts and, for outdoor lovers, forest shelters. 

Villa Brinkly

Hotel Villa Brinkly is a small pearl next to the forest and a small sandy beach. On the romantic "Strandvejen" beach road between the Museum of Modern Art, Louisiana, and historical home of Hamlet Castle, Kronborg in Elsinore, you will find the small maritime hotel, Hotel Villa Brinkly.

B&B Nordsjælland

Cosy B and in the old part of Espergærde in north sealand. Nice room on first, with wi-fi, some art books etc.  And  you can make a cup of coffee or the and you have your own bathroom. The breakfast is served in the garden or in my dining room. To the charming old house belongs ...

Egebæksvang Shelter

Accommodation that is beautifully situated in urban forests. Easy to get to by bike and walking. Espergærde Station is less than 2 km away. The shelter accommodates 12-15 people. Book the site via

Outdoor experiences

Go cycling in the area, take a walk in the forest or stroll along the beach.

Copenhagen - Elsinore | Route 9

A beautiful cycling route with the Sound on one side and beautiful nature and magnificent villas on the other.

Egebæksvang Forest

Egebæksvang forest is a small, coastal hardwood forest just south of Elsinore. The forest constitutes an area of 118.8 hectares and contains beech and maple, small areas of oak and ash. The forest has a wide range of other plants and is an exciting forest to visit.

Practical information

Here you will find useful information for planning and use during your vacation.

Find opening hours at the tourist information, plan your holiday, see the map of the city, how to get around by public transport, read the large holiday magazine for North Sealand, and where to rent a bike? Get answers to this and more here.