Frederiksværk-From cannons to canal idyll

Photo: Industrimuseet Frederiks Værk

Frederiksværk is named after the Danish King Frederik V and the city developed around the king’s industry and the Gjethuset cannon foundry.

The city of Frederiksværk is characterised by the canal that connects Lake Arresø with Roskilde Fjord. Through the city centre, the water slowly flows, bringing nature into the urban landscape. The canal is the lifeblood of the city itself, as it has supplied energy to the industry here since the eighteenth century.

The man-made canal that runs through the town can be followed from the woods to Denmark’s largest lake, Arresø. During the summer, you can go sailing on the beautiful old wooden ship, the M/S Frederikke.

Enjoy a break in one of the city’s squares: the quaint Nordtorv, the new Valsetorvet or on the lawn in front of the city’s cultural centre, Gjethuset. The majestic building plays host to exhibitions, concerts and other cultural events all year round.

Frederiksværk is also famed for its proud landmark, the Gunpowder Works, where gunpowder was mixed, and cannonballs for the Dybbøl cannons were cast. At the gunpowder works, you can see the old water-powered machines in operation, and there are daily guided tours during the summer season.

Welcome to Frederiksværk. 

Sights, attractions and activities

In the industrial city of Frederiksværk, you can visit the old gunpowder works that tell the story of life-endangering work with gunpowder production. Join an exciting themed city walk during the summer season or take a wonderful sailing journey on Denmark’s largest lake, Arresø. 

The Gunpowder Works area

Kids and adults alike can learn all about explosives and cannons at the old Gunpowder Works  which is part of the Industrial Museum Frederiks Værk.

Steel city

Frederiksværk boasts 250 years of proud military and industrial history.


Art & Culture


Restaurants & Cafés

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Rock concerts in Gjethuset, working farms you can visit, sailing on Lake Arresø, city walks and exhibitions.

Experiences you won’t want to miss

Halsnæs is an area filled with exciting sights and experiences all year round. We’ve gathered together some of the highlights here – and you won’t want to miss them.

Events in Frederiksværk

Hop ombord på Frederikke og sejl ud på Danmarks største sø, Arresø, eller flyv om kap med drager i Liseleje. Hvis du ikke hellere vil til koncert i Gjethuset eller på rundvisning på Krudtværket.

Visit a cosy village

There are many beautiful places to visit in the area, but we especially recommend you stop at one of these small but charming villages.


South of Frederiksværk is Ølsted. Situated amid beautiful scenery and with a view that reaches as far as Lynæs and Roskilde Cathedral.

Torup Village

The small village of Torup between Hundested and Frederiksværk is home to the Dyssekilde e co-community

Kikhavn Fishing Hamlet

Idyllic Kikhavn near Hundested is an old fishing hamlet and village on the north side of Halsnæs in North Sealand .

The idylic village of Lynæs

Lynæs is located in the shelter (’ly’ in Danish) of the high cliffs along the ’nose’ (næs’ in Danish) at the entrance to Isefjord, just south of Hunde...

Practical information

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