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Græsted - Home town for the vintage train

Photo: Alex Nyborg Madsen

Græsted is a railway town located just north of Gribskov in Gribskov Municipality. It is an ancient town where the oldest area around the church, the reservoir and the inn boasts a distinct village character.

Græsted, originally named Gresholdt, is first mentioned in the Esrum Abbey book in 1299. The railway had a significant impact on Græsted’s development, so it is only natural that North Sealand’s vintage train is based at Græsted Station. The vintage train runs all summer long and again around Christmas time and is a popular experience for train enthusiasts of all ages.

The Græsted Vintage Car Rally during Pentecost is an annual event that’s put Græsted firmly on the map. Here you’ll find mechanical fun and nostalgia for the whole family, with vintage cars, steam engines, American cars, tractor pulls and old-fashioned Danish craftsmanship.

Nearby, Esrum Abbey and Møllegård is an interesting family attraction with exhibitions, medicinal herb gardens, a nature playground and multiple activities. It was originally an impressive monastic complex with connections to all of Europe. Today, only a tenth of the buildings remain, but they are still fascinating.

Sleep well and find a great place to eat

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Restaurants & cafés

Attractions and activities

Photo: Alex Nyborg Madsen

Cultural events

North Sealand is filled with amazing experiences in art, culture and history. And you can enjoy them all in and around Græsted.

Rudolph Tegner's Museum & Statue Park

Walk around in the heathery hills between the statues of powerful men and women. Continue into the museum which resounds as a cathedral and watch the sculptor's enormous artworks in plaster, marble and bronze.


At Munkeruphus art, architecture and design meet in beautiful surroundings directly to Oresund at the coastline between Gilleleje and Dronningmølle.

Esrum Abbey and Mill

In the 1200th century, Esrum Abbey was the centre of the Order of Cistercians  in Denmark. Today, events for children and adults are arranged all year round in order to experience life in the Middle Ages.

Nordsjællands Veterantog

Nordsjællands Veterantog - the Northsealand Vintage Trains - a nostalgic experience. For 40 years, Nordsjællands Veterantog has been a festive element anywhere on the North Sealand and Greater Copenhagen railways. Every summer the steam and vintage trains take cosy trips around North...

North Sealand Birdpark

Amidst the nature of North Sealand, you will find the North Sealand Bird Park and Zoo with 2,000 birds from all over the world and a large collection of reptiles and smaller mammals.

Outdoor experiences

You are right in the middle of breathtaking nature close to Gribskov, Lake Esrum and the drained Lake Søborg. Cycling Route 33 connects you with Hillerød and Gilleleje, and the Pilgrimage Route Tisvildevejen winds languidly through the landscape.





Gribskov (forest) is one of the largest forests in Denmark. The forest is the remaining of the great tangle which covered prehistoric North Sealand. A...

Lake Esrum

Lake Esrum is Denmarks second largest lake and the lake with the most water. The lake is 9 km long, 2-3 km wide, and at its deepest point, it is up to...

Esrum-Tisvilde Pilgrimage Route

Look forward to a bouquet of varied experiences. On the Tisvilde Pilgrimage Route, you’ll encounter a part of North Sealand in all its immediate and n...

Gilleleje - Hillerød | Route 33

The marked cycle route 33 takes you out on a nice varied 27 km. tour from Frederiksborg Castle in Hillerød to Gilleleje Station - or vice versa. You w...

Practical information

Here you will find useful information for planning and use during your vacation.

Find opening hours at the tourist information, plan your holiday, see the map of the city, how to get around by public transport, read the large holiday magazine for North Sealand, and where to rent a bike? Get answers to this and more here.