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With Frederiksborg Castle as its historical landmark, Denmark’s second-largest forest as a neighbour and a thriving commercial life in the city centre, Hillerød is the ideal starting point for combining culture, outdoor experiences and shopping.


Hillerød is the heart of North Sealand. A vibrant city with vital connections to the entire region: historically, in our time, and in terms of traffic itself.

Historically, Hillerød was the sanctuary of the kings – here they enjoyed life and participated in their favourite sport, hunting, which is why the largest Renaissance castle in the Nordic region, Frederiksborg, is located here, as is the UNESCO World Heritage list par force hunting landscape of North Sealand.

Today, Hillerød is still a city where life is enjoyed to the fullest. Within easy reach of Copenhagen, but far enough away that you are close to nature and can breathe freely. A city where history is alive because it is part of everyday life. And a dynamic city where new stories are constantly emerging.

Two absolutely prime attractions in North Sealand

Frederiksborg Castle and the Baroque Garden are two experiences you won’t want to miss. Frederiksborg is the largest Renaissance castle in the Nordic region, a genuine fairy tale castle with pomp and splendour to awaken the imaginations of children and adults alike. The castle park consists of several beautiful spaces of which the formal Baroque Garden is the star attraction. Here you can appreciate the art of gardening in a class by itself, with winding hedges, shaped royal monograms and splashing cascades that fall on terraces down to the Castle Lake.

Frederiksborg Castle - Museum of National History

Frederiksborg - a unique Renaissance castle in Scandinavia. Picturesquely located in the centre of the castle lake in Hillerød lies Frederiksborg Castle, the largest in Scandinavia. This unique Renaissance castle was built by Christian IV in the first decade of the 17th century, as a testi...

Frederiksborg Castle Gardens

Frederiksborg Castle Garden - many gardens in oneThe castle garden which surrounds Frederiksborg Castle is a huge part of the experience when you visit the beautiful renaissance castle in Hillerød. It is a big recreational area for the towns inhabitants and the many visitors from all over ...

What’s happening in Hillerød

What would you like to do in Hillerød? Take a tour of the Castle, see a fabulous show at FrederiksborgCentret or mingle with the locals?


Are you hungry for fun or are you seeking an excellent dinner in town? Find cosy little cafés and gourmet restaurants here.


In the city centre, you’ll find over 200 exciting shops in the pedestrianised zone, and at the SlotsArkaderne shopping centre, you can explore 60 diff...


You’ll enjoy a good night’s sleep – and you’ll want to linger a bit longer in Hillerød.

The Little Ferry M/F Frederiksborg on the castle lake

The little Ferry sails Denmark's most beautiful nautical mile on the Castle Lake Go on a delightful mini-cruise on the Castle Lake, with one of North Sealand's most charming tourist attractions, The little Ferry M/F Frederiksborg. The ferry departs from the town square with calls at the e...

Hillerød Town Museum - Museum Nordsjælland

Hillerød Town Museum is an atmospheric and cosy museum which tells the story of Hillerød throughout 500 years: from medieval village to royal borough and until today. History brought aliveHistory is brought alive through exhibitions and tableaux which makes a visit to the museum a fun and...

The Danish Pharmaceutical Collection

The Danish Pharmaceutical Collection illustrates the operation of the pharmacies and the pharmaceutical industry, as well as the history of medicines over the past 100 years. A selection of apparatus and machines is workable, which enables us to demonstrate the manufacture of medicines. ...

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