Photo: Sarah Green

With nature and the sea as a neighbour, there is a wide range of activities on offer in Hornbæk all year round. Whether in spring, autumn, summer or winter, every day spent at the top of North Sealand is beautiful and rewarding.

Hornbæk is a place for enjoying relaxation and activities with family and friends. Beyond the classic, hot summer days, with thousands of bathers seeking the beach’s cooling waves, there are also plenty of opportunities for hiking and biking in the ever-changing nature with a view to Sweden.

Imagine taking a walk down through Hornbæk Plantage where the forest opens onto the most gorgeous coastline with sand, beach and water – the highly sought-after beach. Here you can relax and play with the kids. It’s a small gem where an appealing mix of cultural tourists, jet setters, families, sports enthusiasts and sailors mingle with the locals to enjoy life, each other and the multi-faceted area all year round.

Beaches and swimming information

Some of the North Coast’s best beaches are situated on both sides of Hornbæk, with fine sand, protective dunes and wonderfully refreshing seawater. Discover activities on and around the beaches.

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Eat & sleep well

You’ll enjoy a lovely stay during your holiday in Hornbæk, where you will find beautiful historic hotels renovated with a sensitive touch and attention to detail. And naturally, the good life includes delicious food – find local restaurants here.

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Cafés in Hornbæk