Hørsholm - Karen Blixen and a royal affair

Photo: Hørsholm Kommune

Hørsholm sets the stage for the good life on the Øresund Coast, with three golf clubs, a first-class harbour and gorgeous castle hotels. And the city also boasts an exciting history.

Originally, this area was home to the splendid castle Hirschholm, known as the Versailles of the North. The town grew up around the castle, from which the name Hørsholm was derived. When you walk in the Castle Garden, you’ll need to use your imagination, because the castle was demolished in the wake of the scandalous affair between Struensee and Queen Caroline Mathilde in the 1770s. Now the garden is a lovely recreation area, with Hørsholm Church as the only building.

Hørsholm city centre boasts an active, urban vibe with modern pedestrianised streets, interesting shops, cafés and eateries. In Kulturhuset Trommen you can see concerts, theatre and talks, go to the cinema and use the library.
The Karen Blixen Museum along Rungsted Coast is a major attraction, but the Arboretum, Rungstedlund garden and bird sanctuary and the Museum of Hørsholm are also well worth a visit.

Visit Karen Blixen’s childhood home at Rungstedlund to gain an understanding of her life and work.

Visit Karen Blixen's childhood home Rungstedlund - the focal point of her life and authorship.

Photo: Rungstedlund

Restaurants & Cafés

Harbour life, great food and amazing atmosphere in Hørsholm, Kokkedal and Rungsted. What are you in the mood for? Get inspiration here.

Restaurants & Cafés in Hørsholm

Selected restaurants and cafés in Hørsholm, Rungsted and Kokkedal. Dine at Rungsted Harbour amid the refreshing sea air and blue skies, or savour the tranquillity of an inn in Kokkedal. The possibilities are endless.

Rungsted Harbour

The Sound locates Rungsted Harbor in North Sealand with excellent opportunities for both long and short boat trips. There is quite a quick way to the next port or if you want to go to Sweden. The harbour is very well maintained and inviting with all the facilities that sailors need - well-...


A wide range of accommodations is on offer – in Hørsholm and the surrounding area, they do things with style.

Kokkedal Castle

Kokkedal Castle is all that you associate with a real castle. An adventurous, impressive and stylish interior and a great location.

Rungstedgaard Hotel

Rungstedgaard has a charm and location that is out of the ordinary — made for a party or conference or as a hotel.

Sights and activities

Discover the exciting and interesting experiences you can have in the area here.


Arboretet i Hørsholm er Danmarks største samling af træer og buske. For den have- og naturinteresserede er det på alle årstider en dejlig oplevelse at går rundt i den smukke, naturprægede park blandt ca. 2000 forskellige vækster.

Folehaveskoven (Forest)

Folehaveskoven is one of the most glorious forests in North Sealand. Although the rolling terrain provides ideal growing conditions for virtually all species of trees, the forest has gradually become almost entirely deciduous, and home to mainly beech and sycamore trees. The Arboretum in H...

Museum of Hørsholm

A museum with strong tales Dive into the fascinating story of the vanished Hirschholm Castle, which has given its name to the town of Hørsholm, originally Hirschholm. And go back to the Stone Age and meet the people who lived in the Nivåfjord area 7,500 years ago. Hirschholm Castle...

Hørsholm Castle Gardens

When you walk in Hørsholm Castle Garden, you will look in vain for the castle. It is torn down. But here once lay the impressive Hirschholm Castle, where Struensee and Queen Caroline Mathilde spent their love summer, later known as the Hirschholm Summer. The place contains a dramatic story...

Rungstedlund garden and bird sanctuary

In 1958 Karen Blixen took the initiative to transform the garden and grove around her home, Rungstedlund, into a bird sanctuary, to give the migratory birds a place to rest. Today you have 24-hour access to the peaceful sanctuary with abundant birdlife.

The culture house Trommen

Kulturhus Trommen is the setting for a wide array of cultural events in Hørsholm. Trommen was designed by Danish architect Knud Munk, and since its inauguration in 1988, it has become a Hørsholm attraction in its own right thanks to its distinctive design and exquisite choice of materia...


3 beautiful golf courses in Hørsholm

Rungsted Golf Club

Rungsted Golf Club is located in a scenic area with abundant wildlife in the heart of Rungsted. The course is set in varied terrain with many trees, shrubs, lakes and streams - which makes a round a nature experience as well as an exciting golf experience. One of Denmark's most bea...

Kokkedal Golf Club

Kokkedal Golf Club was founded in 1971 as the 33rd golf club in Denmark and has over the years developed into a recognized 18 hole golf course both in Denmark and abroad. Winds around Kokkedal Castle The 6,327 meters from tee 63 offer real challenges for the longest strikers, while t...

Hørsholm Golf Club

Hørsholm Golf is located in an old royal hunting area in North Sealand, just 20 km north of Copenhagen. The courses are landscaped in scenic surroundings and have been designed with due respect for the landscape.

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