Photo: Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

A city of culture on the Sound with one of the world’s finest art museums.

Most people associate Humlebæk with the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, and with good reason. That’s because the museum is considered to be one of the world’s most excellent art museums, with the capacity and reputation to attract international exhibitions and artists of a very high standard. Ths museum’s architecture is designed in accordance with the landscape towards the Sound, and its sculpture park presents an unparalleled view of the Sound. Simply put, Louisiana is a must-see destination in North Sealand.

Humlebæk’s many local shops, cafés and restaurants are brimming with quality and specialities, and the Aarstiderne farm shop at Krogerup Avlsgaard sells fresh organic fruit and vegetables.

Here, the long coastline dotted with harbours, beaches and cultural environments offers excellent opportunities for activities, experiences and relaxation, while the surrounding forests ensure access to recreational nature.

Louisiana Shop

The Louisiana Shop carries a variety of high-quality design products. The assortment of items ranges from classic to new and experimental Scandinavian design. The Louisiana Shop receives inspiration both from within and without. While the selection of items reflects the latest trends in de...

Louisiana Childrens Wing

Children have always been welcome at Louisiana. They even have their own three-floor Children’s Wing, which is their very own universe. Draw, paint, model and walk in the footsteps of artists and architects. Here they can learn, but above all have fun!

Louisiana Café

The Louisiana Café has one of Denmark’s most beautiful panoramic views of the Øresund. Throughout the summer season, you can enjoy the food and the view outdoors from the Calder Patio.

Eat & drink

We have gathered the excellent restaurants, cafes from Humlebæk here.

Gamle Humlebæk Inn

A charming old road inn, serving homemade Danish food and open sandwiches in a cosy 18th-century environment. Outdoor service on the terrace with wonderful views to the Sound. You can also arrange your party here. The inn began with a royal grant from King Christian VI in 1740.Under the m...

Bolettes Gæstebud

In the old house Bakkehuset between Humlebæk Harbour and the art museum Louisiana you will find restaurant Bolettes Gæstebud. Here delicious dishes wi...

Restaurant Sletten

Restaurant Sletten is located in the heart of the old and idyllic Sletten Harbour in Humlebæk. Restaurant Sletten is the sister restaurant to the fam...

Restaurant Valentinos

Pizza restaurant in Humlebæk. Delivery by

Lind's Kaffebar

Just a hundred yards from Humlebæk station on the way to Louisiana lies ”Lind’s Kaffebar”.  The coffee shop is a charming mixture of nostalgia, art, ...

Farm shops and speciality shops

Aarstidernes Farm Shop

Farm shop "Aarstiderne" at Krogerup Avlsgaard in Humlebæk Here you will find a selection of fresh fruit and vegetables. The farm shop also offers bread, dairy products, wine, beer and groceries. Everything is thoroughly chosen from quality conscious organic producers. The farm has its ow...


Specialiteten have its own exciting dairy that produces original dairy products from days gone by - rich dairy cheese and ice cream made from fresh cheese, and butter churned from sour cream. Here you can also find delicacies of excellence within coffee/tea, wine and organic products.


Brødsnedkeren ("The bread carpenter") is a Bakery on Humlebæk Strandvej where skilled craft traditions, taste and quality is essential. For baker Thomas Jørgensen it is important that both bread and confectionery cakes are developed and produced with soul and authenticity. Focus is aimed a...

Other experiences in the area

The Nivaagaard Collection

The Nivaagaard Collection was founded by landowner John Hage, who in 1908 donated his private collection to the public as an independent institution. The museum is located in a large, romantic garden with beautiful old trees and a variety of rhododendrons.At the museum, you can experience...

Simon´s Golf Club

One of Denmark's true master's golf courses Some of the best golf players of the Europe Tour have several times been challenged in Simon's Golf Club....

The Louisiana Route

On this route south of Elsinore, you really get your chance to experience North Sealand's modern art and architecture.

Humlebæk Harbour

In the cosy harbour of Humlebæk, you find an authentic atmosphere with beautiful nature and lovely beaches. Around the harbour, you find a protected a...

Humlebæk Kirke

The church is facing Strandvejen only a stone's throw from Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.Behind the church the incredibly beatiful, scenic Humlebæk C...


Nivå Camping

Nivå Camping is situated in some of North Sealand’s most beautiful nature on the outskirts of Lave Forest only 800m from the Marina and Nivå Beach Par...

Gamle Humlebæk Inn

A charming old road inn, serving homemade Danish food and open sandwiches in a cosy 18th-century environment. Outdoor service on the terrace with wond...

Hvidt Bed and Breakfast

Hvidt  B&B is centrally located between Copenhagen and Helsingør. Close to Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Nivaagaard and Karen Blixen Muesum.

Bed and Breakfast Ved Åen

Bed & Breakfast close to the Øresund coast B&B Ved Aaen is situated in the Old North Nivå. Double room, 25 square meters with private shower and toil...

Practical information

Here you will find useful information for planning and use during your vacation.

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