The idylic village of Lynæs

Photo: Halsnæs Kommune

Lynæs is located in the shelter (’ly’ in Danish) of the high cliffs along the ’nose’ (næs’ in Danish) at the entrance to Isefjord, just south of Hundested.

Lynæs is located in the shelter (’ly’ in Danish) of the high cliffs along with the ’nose’ (næs’ in Danish) at the entrance to Isefjord, just south of Hundested. The idyllic fishing village is one of Denmark’s oldest, and today sailors from Isefjord, Roskilde Fjord and Kattegat flock to the quaint marina, the heart of the city, and fill the harbour with life throughout the summer season.





And did you know that the famous Lynæs dinghy also comes from this area?


During the summer season, there are many activities and musical offerings at the pier, and if you fancy lunch or a bite to eat, the harbour is also home to eateries and an ice cream parlour. In Lynæs, there’s every reason to drop by and soak up the good atmosphere. In addition to a restaurant, Lynæs Fisk & Steakhouse also has an excellent fish shop.

On Saturday, fresh fish are sold at Isefjord Fisk, which has an outlet in the harbour. Here the fish are so fresh that they go directly from the boat to the fish shop counter.

Restaurant Skipperstuen

Beautifully located on Lynæs Harbor with a magnificent view of Roskilde Fjord Restaurant Skipperstuen offers solid Danish food added to the good view. For opening hours see our website.

Lynæs Fish & Steakhouse

Dine overlooking Isefjord and cosy harbour environment Lynæs Fish & Steakhouse is located right in the heart of Lynæs Harbour. Here you can dine delicious fish dishes, seafood and tender steaks. And at the same time enjoy the view of Isefjord and follow harbour life.


When evening and fatigue come to an end, you can easily find a good place to sleep in and around Lynæs. If you are in a boat, the harbour is ideal, otherwise, you can spend the night at a bed and breakfast, at camping or in one of the unique shelters at the harbour.

Unikke surfshacks i Lynæs

Hos Lynæs Surfcenter kan du nu overnatte i et såkaldt surfshack. Du behøver absolut ikke være hverken surfer eller vandhund for at booke et ophold i hytten, men det hjælper på det hele, hvis du er vild med at kigge på vand.

Shelters at Lynæs harbour

The shelters at Lynæs harbour. Shelters with a bonfire were built in the fall of 2014 and are primarily for use by kayakers, but also for other inter...


Lynæs Harbour

On Lynæs harbour you find the restaurant Skipperstuen, and there is both a delicious fish house with the option to eat on the spot, a nice ice cream h...

Lynæs Camping

1-star campsite situated close to Lynæs harbour and right down to Isefiord. There is a lovely shallow water beach right by the campsite.

The gorgeous nature around Lynæs naturally invites you to spend time in and on the water, and there is also a child-friendly beach and one of Sealand’s premier surfing spots. A large shallow area in the fjord is the perfect place to try kite and windsurfing, kayaking or Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP), even for beginners.


Sights around Lynæs

Haugen Gallery

HAUGEN GALLERI is located in the idyllic fishing village of Lynæs and presents as the only gallery in Denmark works by renowned painter Arne Haugen Sørensen, who in 2017 got his museum in Videbæk, Arne Haugen Sørensen Museum.

Valdemar Poulsens Hill

As you can read on the sign by the hillock of Valdemar Poulsen, it was in the year of 1898 he invented the first magnetic sound recorder and later in 1903 the electric arc transmitter for the radiotelephony.  The boulder on the hillock is set up in 1969 by the Hundested Erhvervsforening.  ...

Lynæs Church

Lynæs church was build in 1901 of hewn granite boulders. There is a leaflet about the church at the tourist office. To see inside, ask the church-warden for the key.

Active by the water ...

At Lynæs Surfcenter you can rent equipment and book an instructor if you are bold enough to try a new water sport. Here there is also a brand-new café where you can quench your thirst or grab a tasty bite to eat. Kayaking trips are available on the fjord and in the canal in Frederiksværk, as well as open-air summer cinema, festivals, cosy communal dining with the locals and much more.

Surfing in North Sealand

The surfing areas in North Sealand are among the best in Europe and one of the very best spots at Lynæs, a few kilometres from Hundested. All year round you has the opportunity to catch wind of the sail as you head out from the beautiful area or along the North Coast.

Lynæs Surfcenter

The sea sports centre Lynæs Surfcenter at Lynæs harbour has everything you need for a fantastic day on the water. The vast shallow area in the scenic Isefjord means it is almost impossible to find yourself out of your depth and drifting out to sea. Ideal conditions for kitesurfing and wind...