Kikhavn Fishing Hamlet

Photo: VisitNordsjælland

Idyllic Kikhavn near Hundested is an old fishing hamlet and village on the north side of Halsnæs in North Sealand.

Idyllic Kikhavn near Hundested is an old fishing hamlet and village on the north side of Halsnæs in North Zealand. The town is near the Kattegat, approx. 3 km northeast of Hundested. The many large yellow and whitewashed thatched farms and houses bear witness to a time when the combination of agriculture and fishing helped to ensure a good life for the local inhabitants.

Kikhavn’s history stretches back to the 1200s, making it the oldest fishing village in Halsnæs. Today, Kikhavn looks much as it did 200 years ago. It’s incredible but true. The city has miraculously withstood wildfires, the rage of the sea and tourism. The charming farms with thatched roofs are situated on narrow, quaint streets and ringed by colourful hollyhocks. The idyllic atmosphere is accentuated by Kikhavn’s tranquil and car-free environment, where children can safely navigate the streets and alleyways.

There are approx — 25 inhabitants in picturesque Kikhavn. In the summer season, there are many more people who want to experience Kikhavn, so the number of inhabitants expands to approx. 700. Kikhavn’s gorgeous beach is an invitation to pack a picnic basket and take a refreshing dip. Afterwards, stroll to Spodsbjerg Lighthouse, Knud Rasmussen’s House and Fyrgården, where you can enjoy the most stunning view in the entire Halsnæs area.

To preserve the unique character and special atmosphere of Kikhavn for posterity, the city asks that visitors respect a few precautions: Driving through the city’s narrow, cobbled streets is not permitted for a good reason. Leave your car in the carpark just outside town and experience Kikhavn on foot.

Help protect the vital coastal protection system that protects the city from coastal flooding disasters. Use only the landscaped paths and crossings. Do not remove sand, stones, plants, etc. from the beach or grounds, as this is not permitted. No open campfires or flames are allowed near Kikhavn’s lovely, old and highly flammable thatched farms and houses. Read more about the city here.

Welcome to Kikhavn – a vibrant village on the Kattegat coast in Halsnæs!