Old-fashioned beach holidays. Sand for as far as the eye can see, and sparklingly clear blue-green water that tempts you to take a dip. Large, sun-warmed stones on the beachfront, because Liseleje enjoys slightly more hours of sunshine than most places in Denmark.

Liseleje is a cosy and relaxed seaside resort where generations of families have spent their summers. Just one hour’s drive from Copenhagen and you are in a different world – one that moves more slowly and invites you to de-stress.

Sunbathing in the dunes, long walks along the beach and unspoiled heath lands at Melby Overdrev. Nature experiences that are a balm for body and soul.

But it’s also a seaside resort buzzing with activity all summer long with market days, Liseleje week, the Beer Festival, inviting cafés, restaurants and vintage boutiques. And for the kids, one of the most beautiful nature playgrounds in the country: Havtyren.

If you visit the area in autumn or winter, the experience will be just as compelling, but different. Note nature’s powerful forces, listen to the winds and the crashing waves of the sea. And enjoy the outstanding sunset – all year round.


What you can look forward to

The beach, the sea and the sky – nature is the main attraction in Liseleje. But it means you can be inspired to enjoy more experiences and activities. The Havtyren nature playground is a hit with families and kids for good reason, and Melby Overdrev is a unique natural area for Sealand, an open heath that’s home to an unusual array of plants and insects.

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Restaurants & cafés

When the day is done, and you’re heading home from the beach, it’s time to enjoy something tasty to eat. Liseleje has several small but good restaurants, but if you would rather do your own cooking, there are many farm shops in the area filled with everything from delicious meats to fresh vegetables.

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Visit a village

There are so many beautiful and interesting places to visit in the area, but we particularly recommend that you drop by one of these small villages.

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