Snekkersten Havn

Snekkersten - An old fishing village

Photo: Karen Folker

Located on the northern part of the Øresund Coast between Helsingør and Espergærde, Snekkersten is one of the many original fishing villages along the coastal road, Strandvejen. The small, low-rise houses speak of Snekkersten’s past. Today the city has almost blended together with Elsinore

If you drive along Strandvejen from Helsingør towards Copenhagen, you will pass through Snekkersten. The town consists mostly of low-rise buildings, particularly private homes and row houses. Snekkersten harbour brims with atmosphere, with a number of active commercial fishers whose boats bob alongside the many pleasure boats.

During World War II, Snekkersten was one of the primary harbours for the illegal transportation of refugees to Sweden.

There are a number of fun stories about the name ’Snekkersten’, rooted in North Sealand’s popular memory: “The village is named for a large stone on the beach. According to the legend, the stone turns three times when it smells freshly baked bread; also, a witch on the island of Ven threw it at a warlock, it landed where it is now… ”




Harbour environment & beach

Snekkersten Harbour is packed with atmosphere, filled with wooden boats, fishing boats and pleasure boats. Near the beach, you’ll find grassy areas with tables and benches so you can enjoy your picnic and have a lovely day by the water.

Snekkersten Harbour

Snekkersten Harbour was built at the fishing hamlets Snekkersten and Skotterup in 1872. Today an active harbour with many association activities and a charming environment. The harbour has 137 berths of different size, with a dinghy jetty in the inner harbour and mooring posts in the oth...

Snekkersten Beach

Snekkersten beach lies approximately 3 km south of Helsingør. The sandy beach with grass areas in the background equipped with tables and benches are a popular beach for locals from Snekkersten and Helsingør. The protected environment means that there is rarely any wind and waves, making b...

Sights & attractions

Some of North Sealand’s most famous attractions are located close to Snekkersten.

Flynderupgård Museum

The Flynderupgaard Museum is located in a large manor style country house from the early 19th century. The lives of farmers and fishermen Changi...

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is a leading international art museum and an absolute top attraction in Denmark. Art, nature and architecture combi...

Kronborg Castle - UNESCO World Heritage

Kronborg is one of Northern Europe’s finest Renaissance castles. It is world-famous as Hamlet’s and Shakespeare’s castle and is included on the UNESCO...

M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark

Experience award-winning architecture and sensuous exhibitions. The M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark is designed by world renowned BIG - Bjarke Ingels G...

Restaurants & Cafés

Find a great place to eat near Snekkersten or expand your options to include Helsingør.

Restauranter & Cafés in Elsinore

Elsinore offers many excellent restaurants and cafes. Sit outside and enjoy the view of the Sound and Kronborg or stay in the centre of the pedestrian zone, where cafés and restaurants lie like pearls on a string.

Café Karisma

Cafe Karisma is one of city’s small oases located at Helsingør's main street Stengade. The senses will be stimulated by fresh brewed coffee, freshly b...

Divina Pizza & Birra

Genuine Italian pizzeria near Espergærde harbour Divina Pizza & Birra, which is owned by Café Divino, is a pizzeria and bar that makes 100% Italian...

The Eatery Spisestuen at Flynderupgaard Museum

Spisestuen at Flynderupgård Museum in Espergærde is rather an eatery than a restaurant. Here you can enjoy plain Danish home cooking from the good ...

Skovcaféen - The Forest Café

In Skovcaféen - The Forest Café - at Family and Nature Center Nyruphus the kitchen is based on the seasons. Our specialty is delicious lunch arrang...


Where do you want to sleep tonight?

Villa Brinkly

Hotel Villa Brinkly is a small pearl next to the forest and a small sandy beach. On the romantic "Strandvejen" beach road between the Museum of Modern...

Hotel Comwell Borupgaard

A modern hotel where you can expect nature, tranquillity, spa and food with great flavours. If you leave the hotel you will find several major North Z...

Snekkersten Harbour

Snekkersten Harbour was built at the fishing hamlets Snekkersten and Skotterup in 1872. Today an active harbour with many association activities and...

Experience North Sealand by bike

Copenhagen - Elsinore | Route 9

A beautiful cycling route with the Sound on one side and beautiful nature and magnificent villas on the other.

The Crown Route - Around North Sealand

Experience the beautiful North Sealand landscape, the Danish Riviera and Roskilde Fjord. An obvious ride for the adventurous cyclists. The cycle route for you who want to see castles, fishing villages and beaches.

Practical information

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