Snekkersten Havn

Snekkersten - An old fishing village

If you drive along Strandvejen from Helsingør towards Copenhagen, you will pass through Snekkersten. The town consists mostly of low-rise buildings, particularly private homes and row houses. Snekkersten harbour brims with atmosphere, with a number of active commercial fishers whose boats bob alongside the many pleasure boats.

During World War II, Snekkersten was one of the primary harbours for the illegal transportation of refugees to Sweden.

There are a number of fun stories about the name ’Snekkersten’, rooted in North Sealand’s popular memory: “The village is named for a large stone on the beach. According to the legend, the stone turns three times when it smells freshly baked bread; also, a witch on the island of Ven threw it at a warlock, it landed where it is now… ”




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Longitude: 12.581348

Latitude: 56.009747

Harbour environment & beach

Snekkersten Harbour is packed with atmosphere, filled with wooden boats, fishing boats and pleasure boats. Near the beach, you’ll find grassy areas with tables and benches so you can enjoy your picnic and have a lovely day by the water.


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