Esrum-Tisvilde Pilgrimage Route

Photo: Sarah in the Green

Look forward to a bouquet of varied experiences. On the Tisvilde Pilgrimage Route, you’ll encounter a part of North Sealand in all its immediate and natural splendour.

To travel is to find sanctuary – for experiences, tranquillity and profound thoughts. Modern life can feel far too frenetic. So take the slow road through the impressive cultural and historical landscape of North Sealand. Discover the stunning castles and abbeys, authentic small coastal towns, locally sourced food from the farm shops and family-run accommodations where you’ll always receive a warm welcome. Enjoy the freedom to explore it all at your own pace as you walk the Tisvilde Pilgrimage Route. 

On your own or with a guide? Are you a solitary or a more social hiker? Do you prefer walking alone or with a companion or two? Or are you more for larger groups with a guide to explain the sights along the way? We have something for everyone.


Walk the Tisvilde Pilgrimage Route all year round

In the municipality of Gribskov, located in the Kongernes Nordsjælland National Park, there are many cultural and historical sights to enjoy.

Practical information about the Tisvilde Pilgrimage Route journey

As travellers on the Tisvilde Pilgrimage Route, we invite you behind the scenes in North Sealand so you can meet the people who live here, the cultural history, and nature.

Tisvilde Pilgrimage Route Programme for 2019

Walk the Tisvilde Pilgrimage Route during summer. See the entire programme here.

Pilgrimage routes and hiking routes in North Sealand

North Sealand offers a range of different habitat of nature, ice age landscapes and rare species. If you want to go hiking, the possibilities are plenty. Walk around in Denmark’s history in a landscape where the Vikings have vandalised, kings have reigned, and legends have arisen.

Attractions along the way

As you walk the Tisvilde Pilgrimage Route, you’ll encounter fascinating attractions and experience incredibly scenic nature.

Esrum Abbey and Mill

Tibirke Church

Asserbo Castle Ruin

Gribskov (Forest)