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Autumn holiday at Frederiksborg Castle

Join one of the exciting guided tours at Frederiksborg Castle during the autumn holidays. Join us in the castle's old wine cellar, which has been set up as an activity room for children, where you can write with pen and ink and dress up in ancient costumes.

The autumn holidays at Frederiksborg Castle set, among other things, focus on the beautiful Riddersal, and there are experiences for both young and old.

Experience, among other things, the sumptuous interiors of the Knight's Hall and the National History Museum's newest history painting, Justitia. The painting describes the Supreme Court as an institution in Danish democracy.

You can go on family tours every day at 11.00 and 2.30 p.m., and the museum has a unique trail game for the little ones.

History walks in the Riddersalen at Frederiksborg Castle.

Every day you can join history walks in the Knight's Hall. It is the museum's hosts who guide you around, and the hosts are wearing historical costumes. You get an insight into the hall's interior and history for adults, children, families and groups.

Go on a trail game in the Knight's Hall's tapestries and ceilings

Visitors with children can explore the treasury with a round of clues. The track games have different themes and are aimed at children aged 6 to 12.

Tours of the castle

Also, join us on a guided tour of the history of Frederiksborg Castle, from the royal residence to the national history museum. You will be taken around the castle and shown all the magnificent rooms. During the autumn holidays, these tours have an extra focus on the Riddersalen.

Autumn holiday activities for children in the castle's old wine cellar

Every day during the autumn holidays, the children can visit the old wine cellar under Frederiksborg Castle and experience the Children's History of Denmark. With inspiration from the decoration in the Hall of Knights, you can draw or colour sketches of the hall's ceilings and tapestries.

You can also write with pen and ink and try on the historical costumes created from portraits at the museum. Daily tours of the children's exhibition Christian IV – Child and King are in the basement.

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