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Beer Festival at Esrum Abbey

Taste your way through a world of beer at the Beer Festival at Esrum Abbey, as they for the third year in a row open their doors for a magnificent and award-winning beer festival March 9-10. Here even the most discerning beer enthousiast will return home with tonnes of new taste sensations and their bags full of historical beer, abbey beer, homebrew, microbrew and local brew.

In North Sealand, 50 kilometres North of Copenhagen, lies Esrum Abbey and Mill yard, the old remains of a large Cistercian Monastery from the Middle Ages. Every year Esrum Abbey and Mill Yard open the doors to an award-winning beer festival, where you can dive into the history and development of beer through the years, participate in talks and workshops or taste a wide selection of historical beers made with original recipes.

Historical Beer

At the Beer Festival you can dive into beer's history and development with engaging talks and workshops, including "Keeper of the unopened bottle collection", which manages the world's largest collection of unopened beers, as well as inspiring beer enthusiasts and beverage culture historians who will tell stories of medieval brewing and wild yeasts.  Last but not least an impressive selection of unique historical beers such as spontaneously fermented gueuze, rauchbier and abbey beer brewed from original recipes.

Meet a local brewer and attend the awarding of the best beer of the year

Behind every beer, there is a unique story and knowledge, and at the beer festival, the brewers are happy to share and nerd along with you. No matter if you are an experienced brewer or new in the world of beer, there is something for you. You can also attend the awarding of the best Danish beer, and give your opinion about which beer should be called The Monastery beer of the Year.

A beer for a beer

As something new this year you can try your luck by trading your homebrewed beer for another homebrewed beer in in the beer trading tent. Here you can be inspired by other homebrewers ingredients, yeasts, colours, tastes and smells and try a unique beer that you are guaranteed never to have tasted before.

The nomination of the year's abbey beer

The worlds best beer undoubtedly comes from the monks at the Trappist monasteries in Belgium. But you don't have to go to Belgium to get a good beer! For the third year in a row, the best danish abbey beer will be nominated. A professional panel of judges will, along with the audience, taste and smell their way to nominating this year's winner, which will have the honour of calling themselves "Abbey beer of the year 2018". The audience can, of course, nominate their favourite beer as well.

Award-winning beer festival

Last autumn The Danish Beer Enthusiasts (De Danske Ølentusiaster) nominated Esrum Abbey and Mill yard as the winners of the regional beer prize 2017 as a thank you for the committed efforts for diversity and the span of the world of beer. And you will not go in vain to this year's Beer Festival, which is a tribute to our culture's most important icon: beer!

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