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Brought to Light | Exhibition of 55 special objects at Frederiksborg Castle

Experience a fun and quirky exhibition at the National Museum of History at Frederiksborg Castle! Get a glimpse of 55 unique and surprising objects from different corners of the museum's collection. From a clock in the shape of a birdcage to Frederik 7's field bed - there is something for everyone! Come and learn about their history and get an insight into the museum's vast collection.

55 special and unique items

During this small special exhibition, 55 specially selected and unique items and artworks will be presented to visitors. These items have been selected by the conservators from different corners of the Det Nationalhistoriske Museum's archives and exhibition halls.

Some exhibited items include a birdcage clock from the 18th century, Frederik 7's field bed, a piece of Tycho Brahe's burial shroud, and Wilhelm Marstrand's iconic caricature drawing of Søren Kierkegaard.

The exhibition will also present in-depth stories about each item's history and give visitors a small insight into the breadth and scope of the Det Nationalhistoriske Museum's vast collection.

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