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Can artificial intelligence replace our creativity? Investigative exhibition at Louisiana Museum

Can algorithms take over and surpass human creative skills? This is the question that Louisiana has set out to explore in a comprehensive, interdisciplinary exhibition that delves into creativity from a broad humanistic perspective. Experience the exhibition, which incorporates everything from art and literature to psychology and natural science.

The human element in creativity

When you step into the exhibition at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, you will find that this time, the focus is not solely on the art itself.

Instead, it's the origin of all art; the artistic process that is in focus. A process that, incidentally, plays an equally crucial role in science as it does in the artist's home. Just like the artist, the scientist must feel their way, experiment, and sometimes let chance prevail when seeking new answers.

Therefore, the exhibition "The Irreplaceable Human" at Louisiana is also an interdisciplinary exhibition and investigation into how people work creatively across humanistic fields of interest.

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An exploration of what creativity is

One might say that creativity is not only about what we work on but even more so about how we work. In the exhibition at Louisiana, you will, therefore, see different interpretations of what a creative process consists of, how it unfolds, and concludes.

The exhibition encourages you to delve into several topics: "The Child and the Machine," as well as "Time" and "Cross-Pollination." These topics draw on a humanistic core and address both conceptions of the creative process and the process in its reality.

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