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Carnival at Frederiksborg Castle

Save the carnival! Decorate the carnival rice and knock the cat off the barrel during the winter holidays at Frederiksborg Castle in Hilleørd.

Carnival party at Frederiksborg Castle during the winter holidays

Tour and trail play
Christian IV will ban the carnival! He is tired of all the nonsense and games around the traditional carnival, so now it has to end. But can he change his mind? Every day, families with children and the museum's guide can search for evidence that the carnival is an important holiday that must be preserved. The tour takes place around Frederiksborg's rooms and halls and ends with an audience with Christian IV, where all the evidence is presented to the king so that he hopefully softens up a bit.

With a unique carnival track game, you can also help save the carnival party on your own during the day.

Carnival rice in the dining room
During the winter holidays, they focus on the festive use of carnival rice - namely, the colorful, creative, and cozy decoration of the rice, which makes today's carnival rice a festive decoration. The castle's old dining room has a carnival workshop for children and creative souls.

Cat queen and cat king of Frederiksborg
On Wednesday, 15 February, and Sunday, 19 February, they beat the cat out of the barrel for a bang of a barrel beating in Indre Slotsgård. Who will be the cat queen and cat king of Frederiksborg?


  • Free entry for all costumed children accompanied by adults.
  • The age group for barrel beating: Children up to 12 years.
  • Kindergartens and leisure programs are welcome, but you must register by calling 48201440—price per child and adult: is DKK 25.
  • Tickets to the museum are valid all day and for all special exhibition

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