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Circus Baldoni visit Northsealand

20th-anniversary tour. The best news of the year - Cirkus Baldoni is on the road again with a birthday show. Circus Baldoni visits many cities in North Sealand.

Circus without animals. However, you can already look forward to a reunion with the lion Leonardo and the dog Charlie, who is on tour when Cirkus Baldoni comes by.

Also, meet an elephant, sea lion, parrot and a horse in Baldoni´s manege. However, you can be sure that no one can be allergic to the beautiful animals in this year's show.

Who else can you look forward to seeing? A belly talker and musical star, Peter Nørgaard. Allando, the clown, is back and has come up with entirely new jokes. A beautiful circus princess does art up under the tent cloth, and Lénárd, assisted by the lovely Daniella, unfolds on a monocycle.

There will be juggling with balls, instruments and music on both piano and drums. So there is plenty to look forward to when Circus Baldoni comes by.

No show without clowns, as there are always hilarious clowns who will make you laugh heartily, even long after leaving the tent. Of course, Leonardo the lion is here, together with director Baldoni, he makes sure to follow you safely through the performance.


Reserve, see the time and date, buy tickets and see much more at

It is also possible to reserve tickets by phone: +4520866010 weekdays incl. 9-14, weekends ml. 11-13, as well as at the circus square from 1 hour before the performance.