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Dialogue with an oracle - Cathrine Raben Davidsen at Tegner's Museum

Enter into the interplay between artists Cathrine Raben Davidsen and Rudolph Tegner, into a world that contains both the immense and the very intimate – engage in dialogue with an oracle at Rudolph Tegner's Museum.

Speaking like an oracle

The word oracle comes from the Latin word orare, meaning to speak. An oracle is a source of wisdom and prophecy, providing listeners with messages they could not reach on their own.

As you enter the exhibition "Oracle" at Rudolph Tegner's Museum, you also enter a new world. You enter into an interplay between the artists Cathrine Raben Davidsen and Rudolph Tegner, who, like an oracle, evoke new ways of thinking and new perspectives.

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In dialogue with Rudolph Tegner's sculptures

Cathrine Raben Davidsen wants to engage in dialogue – a visual dialogue. You will experience her gesamtkunstwerk, which interacts with three prominent Rudolph Tegner sculptures: Slægten (1912), Trøsten (1912-15), and Jordbundet (1899).

The works are completely new and consist of drawings and large mobiles. The new works are derived and inspired by the old, but also give back to the existing – shedding new light on Rudolph Tegner's sculptures.

Challenging the viewer

The sculptures at Rudolph Tegner's Museum are characterized, among other things, by their enormous sizes. Many of the sculptures are several meters tall.

This is not the case for Cathrine Raben Davidsen's drawings, which with their very small sizes almost become a bombastic contrast to the sculptures and the 11-meter-high exhibition space. Through her drawings, she challenges the viewer, who must look at both the very large formats and the very small ones. From a small intimate space to the enormous, octagonal hall.

Working with existence

Cathrine Raben Davidsen graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2003. Her works are part of the collections at the National Gallery of Denmark, Trapholt Art Museum, and Kunsten Art Museum, among others. In 2020, she was part of the Danish Broadcasting program "Kunstnerkolonien in Skagen".

Her artistic work revolves around the existential questions of life and death. Cathrine Raben Davidsen sees life as an eternal transformation and explores what it means to be human, how we are connected to both other people and the world around us.

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