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Doors to another reality - Exhibition about faith and superstition at Elværket in Hillerød

Experience the faith and superstition of the past as it was in North Sealand. See objects of gold founds in the local area, or go exploring with the children using the book "The fairy tale about faith".

Behind each door, you will find a new element of faith

There has not only been one dominant faith in Denmark. Over time, there have been many different faiths, and they have both overlapped and replaced each other.

Walkthrough the doors of the exhibition at Elværket in Hillerød, which is part of Museum Nordsjælland. Each entry symbolizes a new theme within faith and superstition in contemporary Denmark. See, for example, several gold objects found in North Zealand, which the National Museum has lent to the exhibition.

Follow the children's book around the exhibition at Museum Nordsjælland

Take the children or grandchildren with you to the collection. If you follow the book "The Tale of Faith", you will be guided through the doors according to the choices you make. In this way, you can experience and explore the exhibition in a fun and child-friendly way.

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