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Enigmatic autumn holiday at Esrum Kloster

During the autumn holidays, the whole family can join a world of riddles, codes and secrets. The new game "The secret of the white monks" can be experienced at Esrum Monastery. You can do fun activities with mysteries and puzzles.

Find out the big secret by solving puzzles in the new puzzle game at Esrum Monastery. The game is called "The Secret of the White Monks".

With the help of a series of letters, a puzzle and codes, you will be sent around the area by the monastery. To gain access to the 800-year-old secret, you must solve the tasks together. The whole monastery comes into play in this game, and you will be handed the game at the entrance to the monastery. Best suited for the slightly older children, from approx. 8-years.

Explore a world of riddles and secrets. Find enigmatic spaces inside the monastery and out in the countryside.

Colour in your own Lodge letter. Use genuine coloured ink and an actual lodge pen, and learn to seal it with natural lacquer! You can visit the Alchemist's secret room. Here you can wrap the written secrets in different incense and burn them over a fire.

In the "Room of Secrets", you can tell each other very special secrets using tarot cards, and you can write letters in invisible ink. In the dungeon, at selected times during the day, you will be able to hear enigmatic stories.

Café, children's barn and nature playground

Visit Møllecaféen, which during the autumn holidays has an exceptional children's menu. Here the adults can also eat a good lunch, warm up with coffee and cake, or enjoy a monastery beer fresh from the dish. Here you can also colour the children from Esrum monastery's "Children's tracks".

There are stories about five children from the Middle Ages in the children's barn, and you can try armour and swords. The nature playground is ready to receive children of all ages, and you can play your way into the Middle Ages with a manor house, marketplace, cable car, swing, herring barrels and much more.

Exhibition and shop. With the ticket, you also get access to the monastery's exhibitions.

Visit the monastery's exhibitions - you can, among other things, experience the Virtual Reality exhibition with the cool VR glasses in "Power in the name of heaven". Also, try your hand at the Reformation game, where you as a family help to decide Denmark's fate! The monastery shop is also open throughout the autumn holidays. As always, the store has delicious monastery products on the shelves, just as it does not go down on toys and books.

Practical information:

  • Date & Time: Saturday 15 October - Friday 23 October 2022 at 10-16.00.
  • Price: Adults: 85, - Children (3-18 years): 50, - Children under 3: free. Incl. puzzles, activities and access to the exhibitions
  • Book: Tickets can be booked on Esrum Kloster's website or purchased directly at the door.


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