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Escapee | Escape Room Hillerød

Escape rooms are the perfect activity for families with teenagers, friends, colleagues or boyfriends. It's excitement, it's a challenge and it's team building. Visit Escapee in Hillerød, where it's more about completing a mission together than getting out of a room.

What is an Escape Room?

An Escape Room is traditionally a live adventure game for a small number of participants, as quickly as possible and during max. 60 minutes must clear challenges, solve puzzles and find clues to escape an enclosed space.

Escapee in Hillerød
In Escapee, it's more about completing a mission together than just escaping from an enclosed space. You are never locked in, and can always escape whenever you want.

Throw yourself into either "Dracula's Chamber", "Area 51" or "The Cursed Treasure", and see if you as a group are strong enough to find the clues, tighten the padlocks and solve the riddles together. Dracula's Chamber can be chosen in both Danish or English.

Escape Room 'Draculas Kammer'
In the Chamber of Dracula, you must try to escape the Prince of Darkness. Via mysterious tracks, you are led to an old castle deep in the dark mountains of Transylvania

Recommended age: 12+
Number of participants: 2 - 6
Voltage: High
Language: Danish or English
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Escape Room 'Area 51'
You wake up with memory loss on the floor of an underground bunker… a top-secret American project in the middle of the Nevada desert is involved and the ground is in imminent danger. You are key people - can you save the planet?

• Recommended age: 12+
• Number of participants: 4 - 9
• Voltage: High
• Language Danish

Lobby Escape Room 'The Cursed Treasure'
Dare you open the damned treasure? You are deadly pirates and have just looted a ship with a huge treasure in its cargo, hidden in five large chests. But - the coffins are said to be cursed and are protected by solid locks and all sorts of obstacles. And the ship is sinking. When do you get your hands on the treasure?

• Recommended age: 7+ (at least one participant over 15)
• Number of participants: 3 - 6
• Voltage: Medium
• Language Danish

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