Esrum Abbey and Mill

In the 1200th century, Esrum Abbey was the centre of the Order of Cistercians  in Denmark. Today, events for children and adults are arranged all year round in order to experience life in the Middle Ages.

Middle Ages for children and adults

At Esrum Abbey and Millyard you can bring your whole family and experience how life was in the Middle Ages. Here, you can learn about the daily life of the monks. You can also participate in one of the many child-friendly events arranged during the season.

The area with the historical buildings and the peaceful meadows ooze of the tranquillity the monks lived in and the greatness contributing to the considerable impact of the abbey in North Sealand.

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What you can see and do at the abbey

  • The abbey building (is closed until spring 2020 due to renovation) – Behind the red walls, you find a history about power and religion but also about the contemplation and meditation of the monks. Come along on an evocative tour through light and sound installations, interactive plays and get a chance to see the belongings of the monks.
  • The abbey garden – With more than 200 plants, the garden by Esrum Abbey demonstrates how the monks wished to create Paradise on earth. The plants were used either for medical or religious purposes. The garden contains signs telling the story about the various plants in the garden.
  • The abbey in the landscape – The red brick building is the only remaining wing of Esrum Abbey. On the experience trail you walk around the landscape surrounding the abbey and signs and visualisations give you an impression of how huge the complex was.
  • The shop in the basement of the abbey  (temporarily moved to the Mill Café due to renovation) – Here, you can explore the large selection of Esrum Abbey’s own specialities, local products, and products from other European abbeys. Moreover, you find goods inspired by the Middle Ages, e.g. platters and lambskin.
  • The Mill Café – Eat lunch at the Mill Café, where they use seasonal ingredients and primarily serve organic food and beverages.
  • Nature playground – A playground for children and adults inviting to movement with its inspiration from the Middle Ages.

Medieval market, beer festival and other events

Esrum Abbey arranges a lot of events all the year round. You can, for instance, experience a soup kitchen, food stories, and pilgrimage with a guide. The biggest events are:

  • Esrum medieval days – Step into the Middle Ages and meet monks and nuns, combative knights and silly jesters. Go visit the stalls and taste special beer, see riding at the ring and try holding a falcon.  
  • Beer festival – Taste abbey beer, hand-brewed, and micro-brewed beer. Find your inner beer nerd by listening to stories and facts about everything from medieval brew to spontaneous fermentation.
  • Summer holiday activities - Let your children try to be knights and fair maidens or try to take the vow during the summer holiday
  • Christmas at Esrum Abbey – Get in the mood for Christmas and buy nice presents for the family at the Abbey Christmas market.

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Bring your children

Esrum Abbey is an obvious place to visit with your children. All summer you will find activities for children. Here, they can weave, learn combat techniques, and cook food over the fire, just like in the Middle Ages. There are many different events where the abbey is brought to life by actors and performances, and the nature playground is also perfect for the children.

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The history of Esrum Abbey

In the Middle Ages, Esrum Abbey played an important role in Scandinavia. In 1151, the Abbey was consecrated by the Order of Cistercians  (a Catholic order) and had daughter abbeys in Denmark, Germany, and Poland. It was not long before Esrum Abbey was the largest landowner in North Sealand. The monks prayed for the Christians and presented knowledge, among other things, about medicine and herbs.  

However, during the Reformation in the 1600th century, the abbey was dissolved, and the buildings torn down. In 1996, a large renovation lead to the public opening of Esrum Abbey in 1997.

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Practical information about Esrum Abbey

You can drive to Esrum Abbey in your own car and park at the parking lot by the Millyard. You can also take bus 390R from Elsinore. Moreover, Esrum-Tisvildevejen runs through Esrum Abbey.

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