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From floor to ceiling lll - Rudolph Tegners Museum

Get a journey through Tegner's art history, where you can experience many of his different works of art over time.

Art in focus

The time has come to show Rudolph Tegner's paintings in a large salon hanging. Like the two previous times, in 2009 and 2017, they show as many of his works as possible without squinting at artistic assessment or framing. Only the works that still need restoration have failed to hang up. However, several pieces have been on tour with the conservators since last.
The paintings will not be shown in chronological order or any other order than that they should hang edge to edge and that they would like to offer as many as possible. It is about showing Tegner's paintings.

The story behind the artist's art.

Tegner used painting in many ways. When he was younger, especially from his many travels and later, mythology became very present. There are also individual paintings of his surroundings in everyday life. As well as portraits, especially portraits of Elna and self-portraits. The fact that the museum does not have more images may be because they have given or sold to those portrayed. They have no record of his entire output – only the works in our custody. The sea also seems to be a focus that Rudolph Tegner returns to in different ways over the years.

Temporal color contrast

As with Tegner's sculptures, he changes his life. Where the early works are dark and conservative in color, the later paintings are almost color explosions. It also becomes clear that Tegner primarily used painting to express himself, especially in the last 10 years of his life.

Welcome to an explosion of colors and impressions; there will be something to digest!

Practical information:

Name of exhibition: From floor to ceiling lll

Address: Museumvej 19 - 3120 Dronningmølle

Ticket information: Buy tickets at the exhibition

Contact: 49719177


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