Fredensborg Palace Gardens

Historical garden complex on a grand scale

Fredensborg Palace Gardens is one of Denmark’s largest historical gardens. Long, straight avenues extend from the palace in a star formation, a characteristic of the gardens original French baroque style know from Versailles.

Some avenues have recently been recreated, including Brede Allé which was opened in 2013 after an extensive restoration. On your visit to the beautiful garden, you will see numerous sculptures. In between the avenues you find large forested areas with twisting paths dating back to the end of the 1700s and mid-1800s, where almost all baroque gardens were converted to the Romantic style.

The Private Garden

A part of the palace garden is reserved for the royal family, but in July and the first week of August, the garden is open to the public. Here you can, amongst other things, visit the herb garden, which provides fresh vegetables and flowers for the royal household, and the modern orangery, which was inaugurated in 1995.

The Norsemans’ valley and the Nordic people

A special experience in Frederiksborg palace is the Norsemans’ valley where 68 sculptures of Norwegian and Faeroese farmers and fishermen are presented. The valley was comprehensively restored and re-inaugurated in 2002.