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Guided tour in Gilleleje - Fishermen, Pirates and World War II

Join a guided city walk and hear about Gilleleje's exciting history in the old fishing village.

A guided tour about fishermen, pirates, refugees, and much more

Gilleleje is a fishing and tourist town on the North Coast of Sealand, Denmark. Built on sand and herring, the fishing village has a rich history that also includes piracy and shipwrecks.

In the 1530s, the town's fishermen built Denmark's first Protestant church, and in a two-week period in 1943, 1,300 Danes of Jewish descent were saved to Sweden from the Gilleleje area.

All this and much more is told by knowledgeable guides in the Old Town every Wednesday in July and August. The guided tours last about an hour and cover a distance of approximately one kilometre. The tour ends at the Ship Halls, the museum for life on the North Coast of Sealand from around 1200 to the present day.

What you will hear about on the guided tour

  • The city of 'Gyldeleye' was at the forefront of the Lutheran Reformation
  • The rescue of Danish Jews in 1943
  • Denmark's first Protestant church
  • Hard times and decay
  • What did they live off on the sand by the sea?
  • Gilleleje's pirates
  • When the Copenhageners came to the North Coast

Date and time of the guided tour

  • Wednesdays at 11:00 a.m.
  • July 5 to August 16, 2023

Prices and payment

  • Price: Adults DKK 75
  • Children under 18 free
  • Cash payment on the day or through the Danish app Mobilepay
  • Entrance to the museum is included in the price

Where we meet

The tours begin at the large anchor on Havnevej in Gilleleje and end with a tour of the Ship Halls, which includes one of Denmark's oldest boats for fishing from the beach. It is also the boat in Denmark that has served the longest in fishing.

The tour is organized by the Gilleleje and Omegns Museumsforening in collaboration with Museum Nordsjælland. The guides who take turns leading the tours know the town very well. 

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