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Hillerød Foodhall

The Food market in Hillerød invites you inside to as many as 7 different food stalls, with food from all over the world, as well as a bar and coffee bar.

Hillerød Food Market is a place where people meet and enjoy delicious food.

The 1400 square metre street food market has room for your business lunch, an evening out with friends and a wonderful family dinner in the market’s cosy children’s corner.

Food from around the world

In the street food market’s pleasant facilities you can choose between seven vastly different food stalls. They offer everything ranging from crispy British fish ‘n chips, juicy American burgers, spicy Indian specialities and delicate French savoury and dessert pancakes to healthy salad bowls and, of course, a large selection of coffee and cakes in the stylish coffee bar.

Close to everything.

Hillerød Food Market is centrally located between Torvet and Frederiksborg Castle. If you are shopping or visiting the castle, there’s always a good reason to stop by. The food market has room for 280 seated guests and when the weather permits, there are an extra 50 seats available outside. Besides serving food and beverages, the food market also holds regular cultural events, concerts, flea markets and shows international matches on their big screen.

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