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Hundested Kro & Hotel

If you are looking for a charming old-fashioned inn holiday, then Hundested Kro & Hotel is the place for you. The hotel is centrally located in the middle of the city with only a few minutes walk to the beach, and the harbour and is thus an obvious base for a weekend visit to the port city of Hundested.

Authentic old-fashioned inn holiday, it characterizes Hundested Kro & Hotel.

Hundested Kro & Hotel is located in the middle of Hundested, very close to Hundested harbour, the city centre, the station with a train connection to Hillerød and within walking distance to beach, art and culture. It is obvious from the hotel to experience the city and the harbour and a good base for experiences throughout North Sealand.

The hotel is decorated in an authentic style as in the old days. The staff makes a virtue out of elevating the personal service to every guest, creating a comfortable and memorable stay where everyone feels welcome and comfortable.

Eat your fill of good food

Hundested Kro & Hotel also houses a restaurant that can cater to both a few and large parties. The inn, directly accessible from the main street, is very authentic with low ceilings and cosy tables. An extension of the inn is Fadeburet, a pub, where there is often live music, cold beer in the tap, and it is allowed to smoke, as it´s a so-called brown pub.

Facts about the hotel

Hundested Kro & Hotel was established in 1879 and has since been expanded and renovated over time. There are 44 rooms, 8 of which are located in the main building, and these have a balcony overlooking the harbour. Hundested Kro & Hotel has disabled access, and it is suitable for wheelchair users.