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Justitia - The Supreme Court as an institution | Exhibition at Frederiksborg Castle

Experience the Justitia exhibition at Frederiksborg Castle from 14 October to 26 February. You will experience Mathilde Fenger's sketches during Inger Støjberg's questioning of the impeachment case.

What can you experience?

In autumn 2021, painter Mathilde Fenger followed the impeachment proceedings against the former Minister for Immigration and Integration Inger Støjberg. She made sketches during the interrogations and subsequently created the history painting Justitia as an artistic synthesis of the impeachment trial. In addition to the new history painting, you can see Mathilde Fenger's sketches and portraits of the case's main characters at the exhibition. The exhibition will also shed light on the Supreme Court as an institution.

Practical information:

The story behind the exhibition

The impeachment court is a cornerstone of our democracy, laid down in the Constitution. It ensures that the Folketing has the opportunity to bring proceedings against ministers for their office performance. The Supreme Court consists partly of Supreme Court judges and partly of a corresponding number of judges elected by the Folketinget. The case against Inger Støjberg was only the sixth impeachment case since Denmark gained popular government in 1849. In three cases, the issues have led to ministers being convicted.

The artist's previous tasks

With her artistic work, Mathilde Fenger has revitalized history painting and shown that the genre is both essential and relevant in the 21st century. For the National History Museum in Frederiksborg, she has previously executed the battle painting Transition, which summarizes the efforts of the Danish forces in Afghanistan from 2001-2013.

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