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Karl-e Café

Karl-E is a small local culture house in Frederiksværk which also offers a lovely café. The café is the heart of Karl-E.

The daily pulse, where there is always fresh coffee on the jug, something good to eat, a little sweet and a cosy corner for settling down.

Sit down, play a board game with a friend, read a book or newspaper in peace or immerse yourself in the various brochures and flyers in the Cultural Information. It is also in the café that there will regularly be folk cuisine or other forms of dining.

A completely informal place

The café, like the rest of the house, is an informal and cosy place. You will find that a large part of the interior is either donated to the café or lent. Therefore, you can see that some of the items may be for sale. Therefore, if you fall in love with a candlestick, a picture or a chair, you may have the option to buy it to take home.

Cafés & menus

In the café, it is always possible to buy fresh sandwiches of different kinds, small warm dishes, soups and salads. When "Food & Music" events are held, there will often be brunch on the menu, and there is the beer from Halsnæs Bryghus in the tap or wine for your food, and you can buy coffee tea, hot cocoa, soda and delicious homemade cake.