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Laugø Smithy

At Laugø Smithy you can see how smiths used to shoe horses. During the opening hours, two skilled blacksmiths demonstrate and explain the old craft of shoeing horses.

NB! Unfortunately, Laugø Smedie is closed in the summer of 2020 due to Covid-19.

Since the old days, the horseshoes have been considered an effective guard against ghosts, trolls, witches and people with bad intentions - that where kept at bay by the iron's magical power.

No matter what you choose to believe, you can hang your horseshoe with the arc downwards, so the luck doesn't run out or upwards as a luck door.

At Laugø smithy you can buy small lucky horseshoes. The smithy is a cosy experience for the whole family.

Entrance is free when the smithy is open.

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