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The Living Advent Calendar in Hillerød

The Living Christmas Calendar is an authentic Hillerød tradition, full of fun and Christmas entertainment for children. There are Christmas adventures, maybe little goodies and the opportunity for great prizes.

Experience Hillerød's traditional Christmas calendar in the little red fire truck on Torvet.

Bring the family for Christmas entertainment when the nationally-known theatre group, Mastodonterne, performs the Living Christmas Calendar again this year.

Every day from the 1st-24th. December, there are Santa Clauses on Torvet in Hillerød. Meet the elves: Waltz, Ms Juhl, Fie Naughty, Pulter, Kanelia, Mirko, Fimpe, Kardæske, Robert, Chili Lone and Julian. They want to tell funny Christmas stories from their lives in Christmas Red.

We meet up at Julemøllen (the mill)

The Little Fire Truck first drives around the city with happy Christmas music and points out that the show will soon begin.

Up by Julemøllen, children and elves meet each other, and together the trip goes to various shops and institutions in Hillerød. Here you experience fun entertainment and get some good food.

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