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New Note Festival | 2-day music festival in Hillerød

Warm late summer days provide a nice backdrop for the New Note Festival - a 2-day music festival in Hillerød, which presents new and exciting up-and-coming music from the Danish music scene.

The festival is organized by a group of dedicated young people associated with Klaverfabrikken, Hillerød's cultural center and music scene, which over the years has spawned many music talents.

New Note Festival on August 4-5, 2023 presents the best upcoming bands and famous artists from the Danish music scene.

Since 2005, New Note Festival has presented up-and-coming Danish artists, performers, and bands. Some of the bands that performed at New Note Festival for the first time were Minds of 99, Phlake, VETO, Ganger, and Barselona. In addition to the music, there is also room for exciting light and art installations, poetry readings, and talks that give food for thought.

The program will be continuously updated...

See the full program and read about each artist on Klaverfabrikken's website. Location: The New Note Festival takes place on the square in front of Klaverfabrikken in Hillerød. Date: August 4-5, 2023 | Ticket sales, landing page only in Danish. 

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