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Nivå Walking Route - Rhododendrons and brickwork history

Explore Nivå via the small streets and paths that only locals know.

This walking route starts where you want it to start, by the train station or where you parked the car.

Follow the red path on the map, and after 6.5 kilometres, you have returned to your starting point, get the map. On the way, you will see traces of the town's long history of brick production, charming neighbourhoods, open landscapes by the sea rich in birdlife, the sandy beach close to great restaurants near the harbour, and the romantic garden surrounding the art museum, The Nivaagaard Collection.

Route information

  • 6.5 kilometres long walking route.
  • It is child-friendly.
  • A part of the route is on a dirt road that may be slippery after rain.
  • Bring a little water and food, it's possible to eat a meal at Nivå harbour
  • Download the map

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