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Proviant Hundested

At the cosy restaurant Proviant Hundested, the focus is on a pleasant atmosphere and quality. With the finest view of the Hundested harbour, you can enjoy good food, wine, beer, and coffee.

Ideally situated with a view of an authentic harbour environment.

Proviant Hundested is a small family-run restaurant and café emphasises a pleasant atmosphere and good quality. The restaurant is located in Alfred Warre's old merchant's house, which used to sell groceries and ship's provisions. It is said that the house is over 100 years old.

Check out the menu at Proviant Hundested.

With the finest view of the harbour quay and the Rørvig ferry, they serve good food, wine, beer, and coffee to you, providing provisions for a pleasant atmosphere. As the saying goes, the hero doesn't function without food and drink, and good vibes rarely come alone.


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