Rungsted Golf Club

Rungsted Golf Club is located in a scenic area with abundant wildlife in the heart of Rungsted.

The course is set in varied terrain with many trees, shrubs, lakes and streams - which makes a round a nature experience as well as an exciting golf experience.

One of Denmark's most beautiful park lanes

The course is laid on moist soil, so even in the driest summers, the trail never dries out completely. Therefore, it is always an exciting challenge on soft turf and slightly moist greens.

Hidden challenges

The first nine holes with its two par three holes and seven par four holes, present challenges for any golfer. The last nine holes of the course are perceived as somewhat easier - both because the par-five holes are here and because several of the par-four holes are short. However, care should be taken to be lured by the apparent ease of the holes, as several of them require precise locations of the rash. Especially the last four holes of the course are known, loved and feared by many. The 15th hole, where the rhododendrons bloom in May, is a beautiful nature experience and the course's signature hole.

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