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Social dining in Lynæs

Join us for a cosy social meal in Lynæs, and get to know each other better over a good meal.

Lynæs Surfcenter invites you inside for social dining, where we eat together, have fun, and clean up together.

Every Thursday, you are invited inside or outside for a round of social dining in Lynæs. Buy your ticket for the number of people you want to be with for the communal dining. Drinks are bought at the bar, and you are served a delicious meal and have a good chat with friends and acquaintances.

Price: Adult Kr. 89.00 | Children under 12 years Kr. 55.00. This includes one meal of food | Book your tickets here

Time: Every Thursday. The doors open at 17:00, and the food will be served. 18.00. Check-in at the reception 

NB! If you are more than eight people who would like to order, please contact us at

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