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Tales of the Seven Seas | Exhibition at Munkeruphus

Munkeruphus opens its doors for a new season with the new exhibition Tales of the Seven Seas, which focuses on the sea.

In many ways, it would be more accurate to name our planet "The Blue Planet" rather than Earth, as more than 70 per cent of our world is covered by water. Yet we know surprisingly little about the sea. Its tremendous forces of nature, endless extent, diverse life forms and unexplored depths have been associated with awe and fascination for centuries.

Tales of the Seven Seas

The exhibition Tales of the Seven Seas spans expressions of sculpture, video, photography, virtual reality, sound and text.

The exhibition has two tracks:

The first track takes a planetary period and non-human perspective through works that speak to the sea and its amazing creatures.

The second track pursues the devastating effects of the global consumer culture on the ocean in the form of works affecting the fishing industry, marine pollution, deep-sea mining, overseas transport and mass tourism, which are some of the biggest threats to maritime ecosystems but also to the surviving communities in close contact with the sea.

Opening hours

Tales of the Seven Seas can be experienced at Munkeruphus from 10 April to 7 August 2022. See opening hours at

Guided tour of the exhibition

Every Sunday at 2 pm, you can join a tour of the entire exhibition, where an art professional will give an introduction to the collection and the works.