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Tibirke Kunst | A contemporary icon studio

Eva Müller, the owner of Tibirke Kunst art gallery, creates icons in the original meaning of the word, but in a contemporary design. Visit an interesting artist living on the edge of Tisvilde Hegn forest, close to Tibirke Church.

A window into the spiritual world

An icon is originally considered to be a sacred image, that one should honour with respect. In the tradition of the Orthodox Church, icons depict figures or events from the Bible and act as a kind of window into the world beyond. As old icons have become collectables, they have largely lost their significance as devotional images.

A modern icon painter

Eva Müller paints icons according to the original meaning, but in a contemporary design with an emphasis on text and colour symbolism. Her icons, too, are meant to be cracks into a spiritual world that is intangible and cannot be visualized - only suggested.

Order a personalized icon

Tibirke Kunst creates icons to order. The text of the icons is mostly taken from the New Testament, and you can order a specific text that determines the design of the icon. The text is reproduced in the original language, Ancient Greek, but with a translation and possibly reference to the scripture on the back of the icon.

Pilgrim icons

A pilgrim icon is a square of approx. 10 x 10 cm. you can take with you when travelling, whether it is a pilgrimage or other travel. It is delivered in a small bag, made by textile artist Jonna Jensen.

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