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Torup Eatery

The organic dining house in Torup with outstanding sustainability is located in the middle of the village of Torup, with the eco-community Dyssekilde as a neighbour. On the menu is something for the meat-eater, the vegetarian and the vegan.

At Torup Spisehus, the guests are in focus when setting up at the plank tables.

The food is prepared from scratch and on the board with the day's menus. There are new and exciting dishes every day, both for the vegetarian, the meat-eater, and the vegan. Sausages and hams are air-dried in the back room, mushrooms are grown in the coffee grounds, cheese is made from colostrum from the local organic farm, the vegetables are fermented, sourdough bread is made, and close work is done with the local food producers.

Take the opportunity to visit the ecological village.

As a neighbour, the Organic Village Dyssekilde is just around the corner. Here you can join an exciting tour every Saturday for odd weeks in high season. Treat yourself to a visit to the small organic shop Taraxacum, next door to Café Torup. Here you will find everything you need for organic goods and products: a fun and exciting store to visit.

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