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Tuesday City Walk - Street names tell stories

Come out and experience the stories that the street names tell us. On this city walk around the streets of Frederiksværk, we take a closer look at all the signs with street names, and are led into the city's history.

Street and street names never emerge out of the blue. On the contrary, they have been thought of, usually well-founded.

On this evening's city walk around the central part of Frederiksværk, we will look at the signs with street names and let them lead us into the city's history, natural conditions, age and development.

That there is a Classensgade in Frederiksværk seems just as apparent as a Gjethusgade. But who was Heilmann, for example, and why is it called Syrevej? Why is there a Strandgade but no beach? Is Valsetorvet perhaps an open-air dance floor? Come out and experience the stories the street names tell.

  • Date: June 28, 2022, at 19-20.30
  • Price DKK. 75.- ex. Fee. 
  • Meeting place: "Palæet", Torvet 1, 3300 Frederiksværk
  • Guided tour: Museum host Knud Erik Jensen from Industrimuseet Frederiks Værk. The tour is in danish.