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X-PORTEN is housed in the old O.V. Fish Exports Building at Ndr. Beddingsvej 39, Hundested Harbour. The name is chosen in respect of history, but at the same time, the X points forward to the unknown factor and the surprising momentum.

The intention is that the X-PORTEN with changing offers/exhibitions/events of max. 14 days, overall, will contribute to an active and vibrant harbour environment for the enjoyment and benefit of the harbour, tourists and the town's citizens.
The house is owned by Hundested Harbour, and rental income from events go to the port.

Events and exhibits are organised by Susanne Schulian, who is the link between the port and tenants of the X-Porten. She is thus the person in contact regarding available rental periods, questions to the X-PORTEN and so on.

See the current exhibition for 2018 and opening hours here

In X-Portenen there will be different exhibitions during the year. Please come and have a look.