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The Danish Riviera Rågeleje

This is The Danish Riviera

Photo: Sarah Green

What do you want your holiday to be like? Slow, friendly, peaceful? ...with a touch of beaches, modern art and Danish charm? You are in the right place: The Danish Riviera - Just one hour north of Copenhagen.

What you need to see right now

The culture. The history. The coast. Nature. This is the short version. However, behind the words, you find many experiences to be remembered. The palaces, castles and the old medieval monastery are more than just bricks. They are iconic places where history becomes alive and unfolds through role-plays, festivals and events. Let us show you what to see.

The Copenhagener's Getaway

The Danish Riviera is a region less than an hour north of the capital. It is the Copenhagener's getaway. Full of old and modern culture. But with the peaceful nature of the country side.

See what we're talking about

Explore North Sealand with us and be ready for vast nature and exciting culture. Are you dreaming of travelling here?

North Sealand just one hour north of copenhagen
Photo: VisitNordsjælland

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