Kvinder fisker

Good fishing etiquette – basic rules, etc.

Photo: Fishing Zealand

When enjoying recreational fishing in North Sealand, there are many rules, both written and unwritten, that must be respected.

Fishing licence

If you are between the ages of 18 and 65, a valid fishing licence is required to fish in Denmark. It costs DKK 185 for a year, DKK 130 for a week and DKK 40 for a day, and it gives licence holders the right to fish in both freshwater and saltwater. The money from licence sales goes to stock care and restocking. You can buy your fishing licence at the post office, in selected tackle shops and online: www.fisketegn.dk 

Conservation zones/periods

In order to safeguard the Danish fish stocks, conservation zones and periods have been introduced. Fish moving from streams into the sea must be able to do so freely, which is why there are conservation belts where you are not allowed to fish. The conservation belts are located where creeks and streams flow into the sea and fjords. It’s always a good idea to check if there might be a conservation belt where you intend to go fishing. All local conservation zone regulations can be found on the website of the Danish Fisheries Agency. Minimum sizes and conservation periods for other fish species can be found at the Danish Nature Agency.

Basic rules

There is public access all along the coastline as long as you can reach the coast via public roads. Never fish in other waters without permission and please respect private property. Current rules and regulations can be found on the website of the Danish Nature Agency, on Retsinformation.dk and on the Ministry of the Environment and Food

Protect nature as much as possible: Reach the water via established roads/paths and clean up after yourself. Treat your catch with due respect, comply with conservation periods and minimum sizes and exercise moderation. Show consideration to others out in nature – including fellow fishing enthusiasts.


Fishing Danmark
Photo: Fishing Denmark
Fishing Danmark
Photo: Fishing Denmark


Langs hele kystlinjen er der offentlig adgang, så længe man kan komme til kysten via offentlig vej. Fisk aldrig i andre vande uden tilladelse og respektér privat ejendomsret. De gældende regler findes på Naturstyrelsens hjemmeside, på Retsinformation.dk og på  Miljø-og Fødevare mimisteriets hjemmeside.

Skån naturen mest muligt

Find til vandet via etablerede stier, og ryd op efter dig selv. Behandl din fangst med behørig respekt, overhold gældende fredningstider og mindstemål og udvis mådehold. Udvis alment hensyn i forhold til andre mennesker i naturen – inklusive medfiskere.