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North Sealand's unique products and local taste experiences

Photo:Daniel Villadsen&Daniel Overbeck
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Photo: Daniel Villadsen
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Ice cream with the best old-fashioned ice cream waffles, Danish wine, microbreweries and farm shops in North Sealand

Sealand, and not least, North Sealand is rich in local food and products. You will find Danish-produced ice cream, wine, beer, whiskey, meat, fruit, and much more on this page. Find new farm shops and go on experience their unique selection. Some days you can meet the Danish wine farmers in the vineyard between the vines or the brewmaster at the microbrewery starting a new beer. You will not come home empty-handed from North Sealand if you travel according to the great taste.

North Sealand is home to proud local producers and creative entrepreneurs who use passion and patience to produce high-quality artisan food and beverage items with a superior taste

Take a trip out into the North Sealand countryside, drive along the winding country roads, and make stops at the charming farm shops or buy seasonal vegetables at the local market while meeting the local farmers.

North Sealand's fertile soil gives the product its distinctive taste. Here, farmers, producers, and eateries are all closely connected. The soil also impacts the taste of something as un-Danish as wine, produced with great success by North Sealand winemakers offering tastings and tours.

Pop into the small distilleries, where the noble taste of corn, herbs, and berries are transformed into golden drops in the form of whisky, gin, liqueur, and aquavit, or have a taste of the local quality beer brewed in the copper vats at the microbrewery. North Sealand's craft foods carry the story of tradition and innovation and that of local enthusiasts who are passionate about excellent quality and taste. Farm shops sell the most delicious meat from free-range cows; spicy sausages and other charcuterie items are handmade by the butcher following artisan traditions.

 In North Sealand, you will also find the delicate production of ice cream and butter made by hand from fresh ingredients and unique cheeses steeped in rich local history. There are also many local delicacies to sample – from handmade chocolates to mustard, sauces, juices, aquavit, rye bread, and so much more – in the small speciality shops around North Sealand.

Find your way to North Sealand's unique products and local taste experiences

You can find several local delicacies - from handmade chocolates to mustard, sauces and juices, schnapps and rye bread and much more - in the small speciality shops around North Sealand.

Here is only a selection, but you can get more taste experiences and see more at the North Sealand food networks Spisekammer Halsnæs, Gribskov Spisekammer and Smag på Nordsjælland.

Gastrominoen - A culinary bike ride

Take a culinary bike ride, focusing on gastronomy, entrepreneurship and lots of air in your hair. On Danish-designed gravel bikes, you get through the National Park Royal North Sealand's beautiful landscapes to the farm, where you get very close to the local food producer. You experience the vegetable's journey from farm to fork and see how gin is made in the distillery's large boilers.

Ice cold local flavors

In North Sealand, you will find gentle production of ice cream and butter made by hand from fresh ingredients and unique cheeses wrapped in local history. You will find several local delicacies in the small speciality shops around North Sealand.

Food communities in North Sealand

In North Sealand, we produce organic goods and animal welfare products of high quality. Therefore there are food networks in North Sealand that promote this, such as Spisekammer Halsnæs and Gribskov Spisekammer and last but not least, Taste of North Zealand.

You will also find communities where these products are sold from. Here we can mention Country Market in Fredensborg, Torup Market at Hundested and Super Brugsen in Gilleleje.