Get married in Royal North Sealand

Photo: VisitNordsjælland

Make one of the loveliest days of your life even more beautiful, and experience it in Royal North Sealand. 

 Here you will find the perfect surroundings of beautiful nature for a romantic wedding. You can stay and celebrate in one of our prestigious seaside hotels, and even have the ceremony itself in the open air along The Danish Riviera. Here you will find information about most of what it takes to make the day a success. In the practical section, there is contact information about wedding planners to help you with the paperwork etc.

This is where you will find inspiration for the first day of the rest of your life together. 

At blive forelsket var den lette del – at planlægge et bryllup, puha…

Nicey Nash


De små detaljer der skaber den store dag

The wedding ceremony

In Royal North Sealand there are lots of lovely and unconventional locations, where the wedding can take place. Please make direct contact with the locations.

The wedding party

Here you will find tips for the places in North Sealand the wedding party can be held.

Where to stay

After a lovely and emotional day, it is nice to be able to retire and enjoy the impressions of the day in peace, whether you have been the principal figure or a guest at the celebrations. All over North Sealand, there are various possibilities to book a stay suitable for any purse.

Driving the wedding couple

If the marriage and the party are held in separate places it can be obvious to hire someone to transport the married couple to the party in style.

The wedding practicalities

Getting married requires a good deal of practical planning concerning paperwork, who will marry the couple, and will it take place. On this page, you can find contact information about enterprises helping you with everything you need.