Café Miss. Jensen

Make your way past Café Frk. Jensen in Frederiksværk in the pedestrian street and enjoy a nice cup of coffee and a piece of cake in the nicest little courtyard with a view of the idyllic canal that winds through the town.

Café Frk, Jensen is a small cosy café in the heart of Frederiksværk.

The place is named after Kristine Marie Jensen, who as a young woman started to work in the kitchen in the old Kobbervalseværk - Skjoldborg, 100 meters from where the café is located. The young Miss Jensen stood her apprenticeship in the kitchen here in the 1870s, the experiences she got, later became Denmark's cookbook no. 1 "Miss Jensen's cookbook". The food in the café is inspired by the old cookbook - added a touch of the 21st century.

Idyllic location

The café is very idyllic with a small courtyard which overlooks the beautiful canal that runs through the city. here you can sit and enjoy a good cup of coffee with an accompanying cake or a delicious sandwich. Welcome to our cosy little café.