(Cancelled) Æbelholt Abbey Fair 2020

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Return to the Middle Ages at Æbelholt Abbey Fair on 13 - 14 June 2020. A sensuous market with music and entertainment, food and drink, market stalls and lots of activities for children and adults.

Æbelholt 4

3400 Hillerød



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In the Middle Ages Æbelholt Abbey Fair was 14 days of sizzling market activities on the occasion of the holy St. Vilhelm - the monastery's abbot - who was canonized in June 1224. Pilgrims flocked to the abbey, the sick came to be healed, and traders peddling their goods.

Today is all done in just two days, but still with high activity and evocative atmosphere. The Abbey Fair begins with a church service in the abbey ruins Saturday at 11 am.

Experiences for all senses
Travel back in time and let your senses explore. Taste the medieval food and drink - beer, mead, must, blessed bread, herring, sausages and stuffed pancakes. Listen to the songs, music and fabulous tales, and feel the rush when the arrows fly at the archer’s range.

Trade stalls and workshops
Buy exciting goods from the merchants and visit the different workshops - the dyer’s, the blacksmith’s, the wool woman’s, the wicker worker’s and more. Learn about the history of the abbey and the herbs of the convent garden and their healing powers.

History the fun way
Æbelholt Abbey Fair is indeed also for children. Let the children take part in it all and get historical knowledge in a fun way: trying archery, painting shields and jewelry or riding the knights’ horses.

DDK 80 for adults, children under 18 are free. A ticket for both days is DKK 100. The ticket includes admission to the museum.

See you at Æbelholt Abbey Fair! 


Æbelholt 4

3400 Hillerød

Opening hours

13 Jun 20 / 14 Jun 20

Sat, Sun

11:00 - 17:00

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