Det Fedtede Hjørne

Photo: Tine Uffelmann
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A R Friis Vej 17-15

3100 Hornbæk


Mobile:60 40 81 64

It's sunny - it's summer - it's Hornbæk

Visit Hornbæks Streetfood place "Det Fedtede Hjørne" and enjoy delicious food from multiple food stalls - The menu changes constantly. Right now the menu is as follows, Caribbean, Mexican, Burgers, Fish, Indian / Nepalese and a salad bar. Of course, with a well-equipped bar with everything in icy beer and water, wine, and coffee. In a casual atmosphere, the locals and holiday guests gather for cozy gatherings in the sun or under our large shade. With a location just 50 meters from the beach, it is easy to spend an entire day and evening here.

The bar at The Greasy Corner is open from 10 am, and the food stalls open at noon.


A R Friis Vej 17-15

3100 Hornbæk



Fish and shellfish


Street Food

Main course: < DKK 150

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